Cavity Wall Tie Replacement in Birkenhead, Liverpool
and the Surrounding Areas

Have you noticed any cracks in your external walls? Is the brickwork bulging or bowing? It may be that your cavity wall ties have failed. A common feature in homes built in the last century, cavity walls consist of an interior and exterior wall held together by wall ties. Often made from iron, wall ties can rust and disintegrate over time, leading to potential structural issues for your home.

Here at A1 Approved Damp Proofing, we offer wall tie replacements and wall tie repairs for clients across Liverpool, Birkenhead and the surrounding areas. With more than thirty-five years of experience in the industry, it is fair to say that we are one of the leading specialists in the North West.

Contact us today for an immediate response from a knowledgeable professional via call or WhatsApp. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and long-lasting replacements, so find out more about our options today.

Neoprene Cavity Wall Ties

At A1 Approved Damp Proofing, we use innovative neoprene remedial wall ties for our replacements, also known as double mechanical. Designed to supplement or replace existing wall ties, these stainless steel models are quick to install and offer long-lasting support for your cavity walls. They also come with a drip ring which diverts any water from reaching the internal leaf, reducing the likelihood of damp problems. 

Our other wall tie installation options include:

  • Brick Ties

  • Frame Cramp Wall Ties

  • Housing Wall Ties

  • Masonry Wall ties

  • Mechanical Brass Wall Ties

  • New Build Wall Ties

  • Resin Wall Ties

  • Timber Fixing Ties

Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to learn more about our wall tie replacements. We are leading damp-proofing experts in the Merseyside area.

Remedial Wall Tie Installation

Our new cavity wall ties offer lasting peace of mind for homeowners across the local area, reducing the risk of penetrating damp and keeping their homes structurally sound. During the installation inspection, we use a camera to check the condition of the original ties. If your steel ties need replacing, we will grind them away and isolate them to prevent further damage. Five new PAM ties are then fitted per square metre.
Once the work is complete, we colour-match the brickwork and repoint the mortar for a seamless finish. The smart choice for wall tie replacements in Liverpool, Birkenhead and the North West is A1 Approved Damp Proofing.
Call now on 07708 810 688 or 0151 374 0657 for more information on our wall tie replacements in Liverpool, Birkenhead and the surrounding areas.
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