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Looking for a damp proof specialist in the Liverpool and Birkenhead areas? Look no further than A1 Approved Damp Proofing, a second-generation business with more than thirty-five years of experience in the industry. Our damp-proofing experts offer a cost-effective, straightforward service that delivers long-lasting protection for your home. Contact one of our damp specialists today for an immediate response from a knowledgeable professional near you.

But don’t just take our word for it, visit our testimonials page to read reviews from previous clients in the North West. We are open seven days a week and are often able to provide same-day service, with all trades included in-house. 

Damp Proof Experts in Liverpool

Are you concerned that your home may suffer from rising damp? If you have damp plaster, peeling wallpaper or mould on your walls, you should contact one of our damp specialists immediately. Rising damp leads to timber decay and can have a negative impact on your health. With our swift and effective treatments, you can stop the spread of damp throughout your property.

We use products from Biokil Crown, an independent, British company renowned for the quality of their damp proofing remedies. Before administering the DPC cream, our damp proof specialists are happy to perform a full survey, using a moisture checker and visual inspections to gain a full picture of the extent of the damage.

Our standard process involves drilling holes into the brickwork before pumping in the DPC cream. Once set, the cream forms a horizontal water-repellent barrier that prevents the groundwater from rising up and causing dampness. All our installations come with a thirty-year guarantee, and we are happy to arrange an insurance-backed warranty through our supplier, Biokil Crown.

Rising Damp Specialists

After the DPC cream has been applied, we sweep away and dispose of any mess. Our damp proofing experts then repoint the hole in the mortar using sand and cement, which is dyed to match the existing colour of your mortar. When we have completed the damp proofing, you can expect a seamless finish and a hidden waterproof barrier that stands the test of time.
Our damp proof experts offer our services for the following properties:
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