Wet Rot Repairs in Liverpool
Our Damp Proof Specialists Explain How to Prevent Wet Rot

At A1 Approved Damp Proofing, we have helped countless clients in the Liverpool area with wet rot repairs and damp proofing. A question our damp proofing experts are often asked is how to prevent the issue in the first place, so we thought that we would create a page to explore three key preventative measures. 

These are:

  • Quality Ventilation 

  • Regular Inspections

  • Stay on Top of Repairs

A trusted team of damp proof specialists with more than thirty-five years of experience in the industry, customers choose us for damp proof surveys, dry rot treatments, timber rot repairs, wall tie replacements and much more. Get in touch today with a team member for a rapid response from a friendly professional.

Quality Ventilation

Wet rot thrives in moisture. This can be a leak, excessive condensation or some other source, but poor ventilation is one of the most common causes. It is imperative that you keep your home well-ventilated to prevent the build-up of dampness, whether that is within cavity walls or in your bathroom, as a damp home can lead to a host of serious issues.

Our damp proof specialists offer a wide range of services for Liverpool homes affected by dampness, including:

  • Damp Proof Surveys

  • Dampness Inspections

  • Timber Rot Repairs

  • Wet Rot Repairs

  • Dry Rot Treatments

  • Dry Rot Removal

  • Cavity Wall Tie Replacements

  • Advice from Damp Proofing Experts

  • And Much More…

Regular Dampness Inspections

It is important to keep an eye on all timber components in your home. If you notice any splitting, cracking, darkening or water saturation, there is a chance that your home has succumbed to wet rot. If you visually inspect your timbers at regular intervals you can catch the infestation at an early stage, saving you money and inconvenience. 

Stay on Top of Repairs

Are there gaps in your tiled roof? Has it been a while since you performed routine maintenance? Keeping your home in good condition is one of the best ways to avoid costly wet rot repairs. Weaknesses in your roofing system or poor drainage can lead to water ingress, which in turn enables the spread of fungi such as wet rot.
Our damp proof specialists offer a wide range of services if you have been unable to prevent the fungal infestation. These include damp proof surveys, dry rot treatments, dry rot removal, wall tie replacements and much more in the Liverpool area.
Call now on 07708 810 688 or 0151 374 0657 to talk with one of our damp proof specialists about our wet rot repairs and other services in Liverpool.
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